Babies, Boxing and Building Dreams – The Good Doctor from Toowoomba

  • August 18, 2020
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Babies, Boxing and Building Dreams – The Good Doctor from Toowoomba

Dr Lanziz Homar is a Toowoomba based Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, and a man of many talents. Dr Homar recently appeared on Toowoomba’s WIN News to talk about his passion for Calmbirth, an Australian childbirth preparation programme designed to enhance the birthing experience.

A quick Google search, or a chat to his close friends, and you will quickly paint a picture of Dr Lanziz Homar that is almost too good to be true, but trust me, he is the real deal.

Not shy of media attention, the good doctor regularly features in newspapers for taking part in sporting and charity events. Five years ago, following the death of local boxer Brayd Smith, Dr Homar entered a boxing bout to raise awareness for the establishment of a neurosurgery department in Toowoomba, and if that is not enough, he regularly draws attention for his charitable work with the not-for-profit, Australian Doctors for Africa (ADFA).

Dr Homar travels annually to Madagascar to provide poor communities with free consultations, surgery and staff training, and in 2017 performed Madagascar’s first key-hole surgery.

Dr Lanziz Homar is Toowoomba’s first obstetrician and gynaecologist certified as a Calmbirth educator, and is hosting Calmbirth courses online, or from his practice at 8/9 Scott Street, East Toowoomba.

Calmbirth education, is a 12-hour, face-to-face antenatal program designed to help parents-to-be prepare for birth emotionally, mentally and physically.  Dr Homar conducts the classes alongside Calmbirth midwife, Sally Crothers.

Calmbirth is designed to encourage natural delivery as much as possible, but also prepares you emotionally to handle unexpected medical intervention when necessary. It also teaches your partner how to support you emotionally through the birthing process, and how to be your ‘guardian of space’ during pregnancy, labour, and birth.

Dr Lanziz Homar was sold on the benefits of a Calmbirth from early on in his career.

“I attended Calmbirth classes myself as a first-time father. I fell in love with the program and promised myself that one day I would incorporate Calmbirth into my obstetric practice,” he said. 

The Calmbirth course helps women mobilise resources within themselves, and with the help of their partners, to confidently birth their baby.

Dr Homar is still amazed by the indescribable joy a newborn baby brings into this world.

“Having begun my career in Madagascar, I have seen many beautiful births without intervention, in a country with very few medical resources. I know that birthing women have amazing resources and inner strength, and with Calmbirth I can help them to unlock it,” Dr Homar said.      

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