Your Fertility and Covid-19

  • September 23, 2021
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Your Fertility and Covid-19

Your fertility and Covid-19

Your fertility and COVID-19

It only takes a look back in history to see that pandemics greatly affect the way we live our lives and plan our families.

We can already see similarities between COVID-19 and previous pandemics, including a dramatic reduction in life expectancy among some groups around the world. It’s also starting to affect birth rates and fertility in general.

In the United States, birth rates were on decline before COVID-19. But once the pandemic started, the rate of decline more than doubled. In 2020, there were only 3.6 million babies born in the US – the lowest number since 1979, despite a population increase of 106 million people since then.Why are there less pregnancies during COVID-19?

In many cases, the pandemic itself is not to blame for the reduction in births. Rather, it’s concern for their own health that’s making women postpone having babies.

Another issue that adds to the reluctance is limited access to care, especially during localised outbreaks. Data also suggests that pregnant women are more at risk of severe COVID-19 symptoms.

Most women simply don’t want to place a vulnerable baby at risk of being exposed to a deadly disease. And with ongoing economic uncertainty, starting a family is a risk many simply don’t want to take.

Just as birth rates have declined, so has the immigration rate. With borders closed and ongoing global travel restrictions, our population growth rate probably won’t recover until the start of the next decade.

Choosing to become a parent is a wonderful, daunting, and emotional decision for most people. It’s bad enough that we worry about what life will throw at us. Add in a world with COVID-19 and difficulty falling pregnant in the first place, and you have a whole new level of stress.Do COVID-19 vaccines cause infertility?

There is no evidence that any of the COVID-19 vaccines in Australia will cause infertility, and the TGA will not approve any vaccine that is not safe for use.

There is evidence, however, that COVID-19 may impact sperm counts and cause erectile dysfunction in men, making it even more important to get vaccinated.

If you’re planning a family and  have concerns about COVID-19, vaccines, and your fertility, come and talk to us at Toowoomba Obstetrics & Gynaecology. We’re happy to discuss your options and help you get the journey started.

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